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Paragraph design proposal




The client has the following legal obligations!!

 Provider's identification must always be at a highly visible spot and can be found easily without extensive search.

1.) obligation to provide a masthead 

2.) Respecting copyright of third parties

3.) compliance with media law

4.) information obligation according to § 312c BGB (distance contracts)

5.) inspection obligations when putting links

6.) inspection obligations concerning content of forum discussions, blogs-chat rooms etc.

7.)information obligation according to § 312e BGB (e-commerce)


Your personal details and address (information obligation)  will also be used  for legal prosecution in case of dispute. 

That is why the information has to be complete, so that it can be used as a summonable address.

The client is responsible to meet these obligations and  `can't claim compensation from  Purrsatin NO.1 Webdesign.


The Service of  -  PurrSatin N®1 Creativ | Studio


The operater - reserves the right to change this GTC at any time without giving reasons.comprises the complete design of a website. We update Javascripts and insert them. The text, as well as pictures and graphics have to be provided by the contractee. If requested we also work with purchased pictures. We then indicate, that parts of a design can be found on the world wide web.


Domains and webspace -  We can either install or assist in finding domains and webspaces! We will provide a www.domainchosenname... (if it is still available) at 1&1 Puretec in our server package Jürgen Wulff. Thus there won't be any flat rate fee, but a one time set-up fee plus the annual domain fee. At any time you can be asked for an authorization code for a domain transfer, if you haven't got any more obligations to Purrsatin Markenwebdesign Jürgen Wulff. If the contractee installs his own server with his domain, he is obligated to pass on to us the correct access data, so we can put the homepage online.


Design proposition - A client orders a design proposition by email, by phone or in writing (is binding). The webdesigner creates 1 design proposition matching the client's demands. The client places an order for a homepage, €150.- will be accounted with the website. The client doesn't place an order/ the work effort of €150.- will not be refunded.

the design may not be edited or adopted by third parties.

If the order isn't utilized by the client within one quarter (starting from date of order), the design proposition can be resold by Purrsatin Markenwebdesign. After the elapsed time the client doesn't have a claim to the paid design proposition anymore. The design proposition remains property of PurrSatin ® Markenwebdesign (The client's pictures will be removed). Purrsatin-®-Markenwebdesign is allowed to resell the design proposition. The client agrees bindingly that we put our link " PurrSatin-®-Markenwebdesign - and our Rosemoonstyle Logo " and also our copyright on ALL of our work.

We publish all our work on Facebook and other social networks!!!!!!

 If the client doesn't wish a publication, he has to inform us in written form within 6 days of completion of the order.


The contractee - affirms not to infringe on copyrights or any rights of a third party by pictures and data to create his homepage. He is liable for the content of his homepage. He releases PurrSatin ® Markenwebdesign Jürgen Wulff  of any duty to check its contents.

Every work we do will be published on our website. Photomontages are allowed to be changed and to be used for advertisement purposes. If the contractee doesn't wish for this, he has to point this out in writing. The contractee himself is responsible for the correctness of orthography, (texts) and picture material. By request, texts can be proofread (see price list). The designer has to be provided with the picture and text material within 4 weeks after contract formation. After completion of the homepage, the contractee is obligated to check the homepage for correctness and completeness on our form " Website acception". Only when the correctness and accuracy is confirmed by the contractee, the homepage will be put online. After this the contractor is released from all reclamations and claims of compensation. Naturally changes can be ordered afterwards, for which  the contractee is charged for (see price list).

Disputes arising from this contractual relationship are subject to German law, excluding the UN Sales Convention.


If requested, the complete homepage can be burned -  on CD/DVD  or can be transmitted via data transfer,(see list of fees), to give the client the possibility to further edit the homepage himself. With the changes, the client makes, the contractor is neither contentwise nor functionally liable anymore. Data and passwords for the website will be deleted by PurrSatin Webdesign as soon as the complete homepage is paid for. The client confirms and accepts that as soon as the homepage is handed over, the contractor is released from all liabilities and claims. It isn't allowed for third parties to change the design and layout, also the copyright sign can't be removed. The information about the homepage operator have to be stated correctly  and completely, according to the German Teleservices Act.


Terms of payment - If the contractee cancels the order before completion, he is obligated to pay for the accruing work hours. The work effort will be charged with €30.- for every started hour. (Purrsatin ® Markenwebdesign- according to §19UStG/taxation of small business owners, we don't state any German VAT) The prices given on the pricelist are to be considered. 50% of the agreed price have to be payed after the creation of the layout. As soon as the hompage is completed the final payment has to be payed within 10 days. Only after complete payment the homepage, created by us, will be put online. The homepage and any updates remain property of Purrsatin ® Markenwebdesign until the complete payment of the invoice; after that the contractee has all property rights and rights of use. If the contractee only pays partially or not at all for services of Purrsatin ® Markenwebdesign, the contractor will take legal action.

Disputes arising from this contractual relationship are subject to German law, excluding the UN Sales Convention.

No Liability for browser - We assume no liability for the display on all browsers, as the browsers repeatetly need updates and it lacks very often in a correct display. Settings for browsers have  to be made on the own PC by the client himself.

Please note that only modular systems can optimize your website on your mobile phone, we will gladly set up this system for you.

Updates - should be considered as above; if the invoice isn't cleared on time or the direct debit authorization fails to succeed, we will charge a cancellation fee. The contractor remains proprietor of the complete homepage and all work accrued up to the point of payment. Until full payment, the contractor is entitled to block the homepage with the note: “Purrsatin ® Markenwebdesign has temporarely closed down this homepage“. To terminate collaberation The collaberation between Contractor and contractee can be terminated anytime and instantly by both parties. A period of notice or stating reasons aren't necessary. When the collaberation is terminated open items have to be payed instantly.


Copyright - Contents and the complete works created by Purrsatin ® Markenwebdesign are subject to German copyright. The distribution, forwarding, reproduction, processing or any other use of these works without the contractor's consent are forbidden. The copyright note „Purrsatin ® Markenwebdesign“ cannot be removed.The client is responsible for the pictorial and text material and mustn't violate the rights of third parties.The Contractee agrees that his homepage is cited on the contractor's own websites; otherwise the contractee has to object to this in written form.


Data Protection 

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contact -  Jürgen Wulff, If quarrels occur in the contractual relationship, the German law applies, to the exclusion of the CSIG (Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods)


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