I would like to have a website, but how do I do it?



Many questions and complicated answers.
We try to explain it in a very simple way.


You need a modular provider - a domain and a design
with or without advertising it is your decision

2.) Domain
This is the name by which your website can be found.
For example: http: //www.....Catteryname.....de/com


3.) Modular system (unfortunately you can not do without it.)
This is a kit in which the design, images, text, videos, etc. are created.

4.) Provider (modular system)
There are providers like WIX - IONOS - STRATO ... and many more, these are modular systems
They adapt to all media (PC, laptop, cell phone) and do always work.
We only work with WIX, a modern, very diverse system.
Wix without advertising has to be paid (annually or for 2 years) there is a domain
free for 1 year.
Wix can be created for free, there is a small bar with advertising above.
You need a domain that you have to pay at INOS every year.
Domain SSL with the ending https:// Catteryname…..com - currently cost € 36.- in the year.
Domain SSL with other endings https:Catteryname…???   - must be asked for

(Prices can change) please inquire currently ....

Our prices depend on the number of pages, the basic price includes 5 - 10 pictures for the following pages
Welcome - tomcat - cat - kitten - sale - gallery - contact - data protection (or MISCELLANEOUS)
This complete design with Facebook banner costs € 450 with one
additional house € 525.-

6.) We do EVERYTHING for you
What we need from you are pictures and the information whether you want it with or without advertising,
You don't have to do anything else.

7.) Questions
If you have any questions, please contact us at: purrsatin-webdesign@t-online.de



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